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Avatar live-action movie cast

Been busy with the practical teachings in Sekolah Che Latiff in Kuala Besar recently. But I still can steal some times to get online and been reading various post.

Have you know there is new live-action movie dated to launch in July 2010? It is inspired by the popular cartoon aired in Nickelodeon “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. I bet any of you who’s been into cartoon and anime would know this popular and hits cartoon. Its revolves around Asian culture and a world of fantasy which portraying the martial arts, games, characters, clothes, ethnicity and those everything we could say the Life of an ancient Asian.

So what’s the problem of making it live-action movie?
The problem rise when the role is gonna be cast by a Caucasian actor. If any of you had watched this cartoon series even 1 ep, you would know instantaneously that those group of hero was not a caucasian nor they BLOND! That to say, actually even if you watch the cartoon, you can’t find any character in the series that were actually having other colour of hair other than black! America had been purposely racist in the issue of selecting actor to play the character of an Asian story. It is like they want to display all the culture, all the arts but they do not want the character playing the role is Asian.

A website conducted to protest this action by Paramount Picture straight after the announcement of their actors. Aang ain’t white

Help the world to protest by signing up the petition (it takes very little of your time to sign, and you can help to reduce racism in this world). Sign the petition here.

Please spread the words and petitioning against another “Dragonball Evolution”