Walao ah, lame giler tak update benda alah ni. Macam lupe je aku penah ade… hihi…

Byk yang dah berlaku sejak abis dari prak kat S.K Che Latiff dulu. Exams pun dah abis, gaming world aku pun dah terbongkang. Even cuti sekolah pun da nak abis. Tinggal 5 hari je nak duk @ hometown ni.

Ckp pasal gaming world, aku dulu duk main maplesea, tu pasal jadik gila sket. Sasau pun ade kot, hampir satu hari duk depan komputer layan member virtual. Satu hari lepas balik dari sabah aritu aku mia password kena hack doe, so abis la semua pixel items aku yang worth over rm1k tu dikebas oleh manusia haram jadah. Heartbreak sampai nak makan pun tak lalu. Funny bila igt balik, maybe aku akan rebuild semula, but just not now.

Shadower @ Maplesea

Harini pergi ke pejabat paksu aku kat Tmn Camar. Dia mintak tlong masukkan program Pinnacle Studio sbbnye nak edit vid kitorang mase gi sabah baru ni le. Aku igtkan mount je ISO image tu trus autmatic gabung je parts ISO tu, walhal nye tidak. huhuh. Terpakse la plak en balik ngan tangan kosong je. Esok pagi2 nak kena pegi sane lagi.

Camne nak buat bila file ISO ade parts? HJsplit lo. haha, mudah gile kan. Dulu aku igt HJsplit ni bleh guna untuk video je, baru harini aku tahu benda alah ni bleh combine any files yang ade kat blakang <filename>. So dah boleh install. Just masalah untuk verify crack, sebab bila test kat my pc utk install program ni, tak lepas crack. huk huk. Pakai je la kot 30 days dulu. papehal pikir kmudian.

random: Windows 7 rox!!!


Lecturer observe

Hmm, its been too long since last post. This week is like the end of my time at Che Latiff Primary School. Even so, tomorrow my lecturer gonna come to the school and observe my teaching.. haihz, quite troublesome because he is quite perfectionist and need everything goes perfect from nail to toes. hiaakkk… although I prepared everything beforehand, its still gives me goosebumps and that lecturer kinda talk a lot…Wan din, you should resign!! heeee

Enough bout him. I haven’t prepared anything for my students though.. gifts i mean.. was planning to give some self-made bookmarks with laminated cover but I don’t have my own printer to do so!~ maybe I just need to ask permission and give some money to my housemate borrowing their printer… muehehe… but what about the design huh? will took quite some time to design something nice wouldn’t it? hm, maybe i’ll just look for something later (or tomorrow, haha)…

its quite a relief because the practical is coming to the end, but its quite sad to part from my lovely pupils, and it is gonna be super stressful because there are a lot of assignment waiting to be finished and send the next coming week!~ Oh my, what a big turnoff for a relief don’t you think? Well, I just focus for the thing I need to do tomorrow anyway… Wish me luck buddies =D…

Arashi shukudaikun #130

I’ve been watching Arashi tv programme all over this week. Its fun, and I’m sure you’ll laugh trough all of it if you watch them too. So, the 1 that I want to talk about this time is the AnS #130, the theme at that time is “Breast”… Hehe, not that I understand everything they talked about anyway, just pick up some words here and there.

Sakurai Sho, as usual is the talkative 1 but you can see that Ohno are quite energetic than usual. I mean he mostly gonna be passively participate but this time he quite initiative, that something good, hehe. And btw, rabu rabu ohmiya at the end of the show. Kinda get used to it. Sho, make “Uhhnnnn” voice groping his “own big breast”, ahahaha… it was funny, should anyone have yet to watch this episode and a fan of Shukudaikun series, you should do it now… satisfaction guaranteed. Better go find sub if you can’t understand anything of Japanese.

Here some link to download the episode:

RAW: here

Have fun xD


Recently having alot of free time because its been study week (next week im gonna be in hEll answering all the exams… waa) and so I check some youtube videos about ryusei no kizuna (Jdrama recommended by a colleague). Found the OST and listened to that. So this is when I realize a Jpop group named Arashi….

Whoa, they consist of popular jdrama actor i’ve watched so far (I didn’t watched many titles, but the acting leave impression). And so the commenter at youtube videos always saying cute ohchan, riida, and I began to wonder, who is this guy? Search along youtube and wiki, and whoa!! he is such very good dancer and singer. Although he got this kind of blurry and stupid-look side of him, on stage he is the king of dance (well, in Japan east at least) and he even choreograph those junior artist in the same roof. I mean, could you name artist who choreograph their own dance, and even doing it for their juniors? Here some peek of him performing, you can find alot more by searching youtube ‘ohno solo perfomance’ or solo concert.

Well, thats about it.. I wasted 10 hours of my life searching about Arashi and watching silly vids of Ohno Satoshi… haha its super funny. although I said I wasted those time, actually it kinda made my day… heh…


Again, after so long without a words, i’m back to the pages.

Btw, about school, was long finished, been about 2 weeks ago dah abis. So, around 1 month dah tak tulis ni. School sangat best, semua kenangan indah jek orang kata kan. Aku pun x decide g nak tukar school ke tak semester depan. Yang pasti, lepas seminggu masuk semester 6, akan terus keluar praktikum fasa 2 suda.

Pasal baru-baru ni, aku dah amik MUET test akhirnya. Wahaha, lambat kan? for my batch kalau baru amik skang memang lambat sangat lor. This is my first try anyway, I dunno if I gonna have to take it once more anyway. Hope lepas la bend 3 at least. Tapi for sure aku berharap dapat lebih. Just that masa writing aritu, aku tak sempat wat conclusion sempurna sebab tak cukup masa. Point nak letak pun tak sempat abis. Rugi tul, patut aku wat main essay dulu baru wat essay pendeks tu. hahah

Anyway, today aku dah pun abis speaking test. Test A aku rasa aku dpt sampaikan points dengan baik dan menepati masa, just that group discussion kitorang loqlaq sket la. Hehe, ade ke dorang ni dok gaduh pasal makanan. Soalan speaking tadi bunyik er camni:

“Your family is discussing about how to manage family income”

Pastu aku punya Task A; ” You’re about to suggest your family to take part time job to manage the family income”

well, sebabkan masalah Task B tu; i) reduce food and beverages spending; ni lah yang buatkan orang yg amik markah pun tergelak besar. Kitorang Candi A.B ngan aku (D) dok setuju, si kawan aku Cand C bangkang.. haha, sebab pe lawak? sebab dia badan besar… waahaha… dahtu, abis cite sal food dorang sume takde lak idea nak support suggestion lain and then aku la dok cita sorang2 perabis masa. Takut conquer discussion and tolak markah, aku pass la kat dorang sket2, senyap plak… takkan discussion senyap kan? last2 conclusion 3 min awal dpd waktu diperuntukkan. Hahah, wat setuju kat reduce water and electricity usage. Sebab yang ni global sket, suma orang guna, and suma orang leh jimat cermat on this matter.

So, agak happy la sebab this 1 thing dah abis. Rupanya tak lah susah mana and discussion tu agak fun jugak lah, hehe. Esok nak kena hantar assignment Pengurusan Sukan dan Kesihatan pulok. Dr Ting plak nak tgk file ISL, huaaa… byk keje, tapi malas tol nak wat. heheh, till next time.

As a teacher

Its been 2 weeks since last post.

A lot been happening since then. Just that I am too busy with those assignment and lesson notes. Whats more is that I have to prepare for the item as real material in those lessons. Well, whatever it is, one thing I could say is that I love all my pupils of 2 Bestari. They are just bright and so cheeky cute. Hahah, even for those who quite slow and very silent at early of my existence there, now have become more brave and with more self confident to ask me, to answer questions in front, and improve their math! What a good pupils they’re, aren’t they? =)

Although I can say that there still 1-2 pupils who’re quite self-centered without much talking. They both also didn’t want to come upfront to ask whenever they didn’t understand. This is quite a problem but I still go to ask them directly and have them write the correct method to answer those question in front of me. Although sometimes they can do it, I assume they can, but then when I gives out worksheets and marking it makes me realize they didn’t understand the concept quite yet. Fufufu, its been 1 and a half week I’m just doing this division topic, and there they both haven’t grab the concept yet. If its really my method is wrong, there are 5 more pupils who are slow and were warn beforehand that they are slow by their classroom teacher before I got into the 1st class even; can keep up, and now had shown improvement due to my method! Now I really out of idea of how to teach both of this pupils to keep up with the other, I can’t wait for them any longer and need to move on to other topic since the others are already at boring state to do same thing again and again. Lucky that I have a lot of assessment and they haven’t done it all yet.

I’m thinking to move on to the application in division in real life and a mix questions of multiplication with division on the next Sunday. After that we can just go on to money topic. I bet it will be an interesting topic to learn of. Preparation has been collected, just need abit of printing and choose the best activity which can make all of them involve with the lesson. There aren’t many group activity I have done so far, so I wanted to find an activity which will make them compete each other as children are fond to compete. But of course, I can’t let them choose their group, the list of name of their ability need to be sorted beforehand. Hah, again… another thing to do… huhu, anyway if any reader here got some idea for me to use, just leave your comment and I will consider it. Who knows maybe your idea is great and we could publish it into zoom-a, or portal pendidikan. You know, when you teach people to do something which they’ll use their whole life, you’ll get the part of the reward in the eternity as well. So, start thinking readers!… =P

Till next time,
Sir Alwi… (koya) hahaha

Maulidur Rasul in School

Its a very tiring day. I get up as early as 5.30 a.m to bath, pray and even iron my ‘Baju Melayu’ because today is the 1st day I will attend a school festival to celebrate our Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) as a teacher. Hah, no need to worry today because there is no lesson plan to be done, Yay Me!!! LOL

The morning start with pupils gathering at the open-air space between school’s office and classes. Its the official gathering place every sunday anyway. They have some instruction given by Sir Khairul Aswad whose been busy conducting this festival and making sure it’ll be done swiftly. Well, for me, I gotta get some meat transfer from the jeep to the cooking area. OMFG, the basket is too heavy that I can’t even carried it alone. Funny thing is, the handle broke apart and the meat was tossed on the road. LOL, imagine the weight, the handle even broke apart, its lucky enough my shoulders aren’t, haha… Well, we put those meats on an 1 tyre trolley and Bob (hazri) push it to the cooking area. I pick up those that tossed around and put in basin, carrying those heavy meat (and bones) aching my back… ouch! “charlie that really hurts” (nothing to do with charlie anyway – youtube)

After that, a group of males teachers (that include me of cos) escorting those level 2 students to Sek. Men Islam just over the graveyard. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong, just over the graveyard, hehe. While walking side by side with pupils, I realize that the pupils at this school are easy to talk to and friendly. Well, I think they’re to all of us ‘new teacher’. Hah, can’t avoid that coming can we? Anyway, when we gathered at that high school’s field, we ‘selawat’ together as to remember of Muhammad (s.a.w). Took some picutres with Bob’s camera unfortunately I hadn’t have confident to take a close-up picture of those girls at the high schools. Haha, even Sir Anuar had said to do it, I just couldn’t find the urge to make it since those girls look kinda shy and they all wear ‘Jubah’ with ‘tudung labuh’ (kinda big-wide scarf covering the whole upper part of their body on top of their cloths). Well, even if I took pictures of them, it wouldn’t change anything too would it?

Around 30min over there, the gathering is to disassemble and we’re all headed back to school. Starting 9a.m until 12pm then I haven’t rest even abit. Haha, helping with the cooking (kawah) and continued with helping to sort out the pupils food n drinks, the activities only stop at 12pm where all the pupils got their food and drinks. I felt so relieved that I drank quite alot of cold red syrup which is too sweet. Is it that my tongue is weird or it is really just plain sweet? Well, nvm that anyway because it all went well for today. Its been great to spend some time with students and teachers like this. Not only that it strengthen our bond, It also make know better about other teachers and how to adapt myself into a new community.

Well then, until next time.