HP Netbook

Well, today I feel kinda happy + relieved because my long-awaits Hp Netbook has finally arrived!!

It was black, sleek and so lightweight. Well, considering it was a netbook, the weight shouldn’t differ much from brand to brand isn’t it? I got a call to have me pick it up from a delivery company named TiongNam and luckily it was really near to my house. Only 1 kilometre away (or less) and I’m glad it wasn’t too far or else I might want to rethink about getting it tomorrow or some other time.. haha..

Anyway, pictures speak louder than words. So I’ll let you guys peek abit of it.. hehe.. No touch k? =)

The box as I received it, well cared.. takde rosak pape.. huhu..

3 languages instruction.. very neat, Acer aritu takde benda alah ni.. =)

Buka sket, bateri wasn’t put since I wasn’t gonna use it anyway..

Hp Hp Hp..

I’m going to sell this item with a price abit low than retail, so if anyone wanna drop a bid, you might as well leave a comment here or on my facebook

  1. March 6th, 2010

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