Lecturer observe

Hmm, its been too long since last post. This week is like the end of my time at Che Latiff Primary School. Even so, tomorrow my lecturer gonna come to the school and observe my teaching.. haihz, quite troublesome because he is quite perfectionist and need everything goes perfect from nail to toes. hiaakkk… although I prepared everything beforehand, its still gives me goosebumps and that lecturer kinda talk a lot…Wan din, you should resign!! heeee

Enough bout him. I haven’t prepared anything for my students though.. gifts i mean.. was planning to give some self-made bookmarks with laminated cover but I don’t have my own printer to do so!~ maybe I just need to ask permission and give some money to my housemate borrowing their printer… muehehe… but what about the design huh? will took quite some time to design something nice wouldn’t it? hm, maybe i’ll just look for something later (or tomorrow, haha)…

its quite a relief because the practical is coming to the end, but its quite sad to part from my lovely pupils, and it is gonna be super stressful because there are a lot of assignment waiting to be finished and send the next coming week!~ Oh my, what a big turnoff for a relief don’t you think? Well, I just focus for the thing I need to do tomorrow anyway… Wish me luck buddies =D…

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