Arashi shukudaikun #130

I’ve been watching Arashi tv programme all over this week. Its fun, and I’m sure you’ll laugh trough all of it if you watch them too. So, the 1 that I want to talk about this time is the AnS #130, the theme at that time is “Breast”… Hehe, not that I understand everything they talked about anyway, just pick up some words here and there.

Sakurai Sho, as usual is the talkative 1 but you can see that Ohno are quite energetic than usual. I mean he mostly gonna be passively participate but this time he quite initiative, that something good, hehe. And btw, rabu rabu ohmiya at the end of the show. Kinda get used to it. Sho, make “Uhhnnnn” voice groping his “own big breast”, ahahaha… it was funny, should anyone have yet to watch this episode and a fan of Shukudaikun series, you should do it now… satisfaction guaranteed. Better go find sub if you can’t understand anything of Japanese.

Here some link to download the episode:

RAW: here

Have fun xD

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