Recently having alot of free time because its been study week (next week im gonna be in hEll answering all the exams… waa) and so I check some youtube videos about ryusei no kizuna (Jdrama recommended by a colleague). Found the OST and listened to that. So this is when I realize a Jpop group named Arashi….

Whoa, they consist of popular jdrama actor i’ve watched so far (I didn’t watched many titles, but the acting leave impression). And so the commenter at youtube videos always saying cute ohchan, riida, and I began to wonder, who is this guy? Search along youtube and wiki, and whoa!! he is such very good dancer and singer. Although he got this kind of blurry and stupid-look side of him, on stage he is the king of dance (well, in Japan east at least) and he even choreograph those junior artist in the same roof. I mean, could you name artist who choreograph their own dance, and even doing it for their juniors? Here some peek of him performing, you can find alot more by searching youtube ‘ohno solo perfomance’ or solo concert.

Well, thats about it.. I wasted 10 hours of my life searching about Arashi and watching silly vids of Ohno Satoshi… haha its super funny. although I said I wasted those time, actually it kinda made my day… heh…

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