As a teacher

Its been 2 weeks since last post.

A lot been happening since then. Just that I am too busy with those assignment and lesson notes. Whats more is that I have to prepare for the item as real material in those lessons. Well, whatever it is, one thing I could say is that I love all my pupils of 2 Bestari. They are just bright and so cheeky cute. Hahah, even for those who quite slow and very silent at early of my existence there, now have become more brave and with more self confident to ask me, to answer questions in front, and improve their math! What a good pupils they’re, aren’t they? =)

Although I can say that there still 1-2 pupils who’re quite self-centered without much talking. They both also didn’t want to come upfront to ask whenever they didn’t understand. This is quite a problem but I still go to ask them directly and have them write the correct method to answer those question in front of me. Although sometimes they can do it, I assume they can, but then when I gives out worksheets and marking it makes me realize they didn’t understand the concept quite yet. Fufufu, its been 1 and a half week I’m just doing this division topic, and there they both haven’t grab the concept yet. If its really my method is wrong, there are 5 more pupils who are slow and were warn beforehand that they are slow by their classroom teacher before I got into the 1st class even; can keep up, and now had shown improvement due to my method! Now I really out of idea of how to teach both of this pupils to keep up with the other, I can’t wait for them any longer and need to move on to other topic since the others are already at boring state to do same thing again and again. Lucky that I have a lot of assessment and they haven’t done it all yet.

I’m thinking to move on to the application in division in real life and a mix questions of multiplication with division on the next Sunday. After that we can just go on to money topic. I bet it will be an interesting topic to learn of. Preparation has been collected, just need abit of printing and choose the best activity which can make all of them involve with the lesson. There aren’t many group activity I have done so far, so I wanted to find an activity which will make them compete each other as children are fond to compete. But of course, I can’t let them choose their group, the list of name of their ability need to be sorted beforehand. Hah, again… another thing to do… huhu, anyway if any reader here got some idea for me to use, just leave your comment and I will consider it. Who knows maybe your idea is great and we could publish it into zoom-a, or portal pendidikan. You know, when you teach people to do something which they’ll use their whole life, you’ll get the part of the reward in the eternity as well. So, start thinking readers!… =P

Till next time,
Sir Alwi… (koya) hahaha

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