Maulidur Rasul in School

Its a very tiring day. I get up as early as 5.30 a.m to bath, pray and even iron my ‘Baju Melayu’ because today is the 1st day I will attend a school festival to celebrate our Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) as a teacher. Hah, no need to worry today because there is no lesson plan to be done, Yay Me!!! LOL

The morning start with pupils gathering at the open-air space between school’s office and classes. Its the official gathering place every sunday anyway. They have some instruction given by Sir Khairul Aswad whose been busy conducting this festival and making sure it’ll be done swiftly. Well, for me, I gotta get some meat transfer from the jeep to the cooking area. OMFG, the basket is too heavy that I can’t even carried it alone. Funny thing is, the handle broke apart and the meat was tossed on the road. LOL, imagine the weight, the handle even broke apart, its lucky enough my shoulders aren’t, haha… Well, we put those meats on an 1 tyre trolley and Bob (hazri) push it to the cooking area. I pick up those that tossed around and put in basin, carrying those heavy meat (and bones) aching my back… ouch! “charlie that really hurts” (nothing to do with charlie anyway – youtube)

After that, a group of males teachers (that include me of cos) escorting those level 2 students to Sek. Men Islam just over the graveyard. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong, just over the graveyard, hehe. While walking side by side with pupils, I realize that the pupils at this school are easy to talk to and friendly. Well, I think they’re to all of us ‘new teacher’. Hah, can’t avoid that coming can we? Anyway, when we gathered at that high school’s field, we ‘selawat’ together as to remember of Muhammad (s.a.w). Took some picutres with Bob’s camera unfortunately I hadn’t have confident to take a close-up picture of those girls at the high schools. Haha, even Sir Anuar had said to do it, I just couldn’t find the urge to make it since those girls look kinda shy and they all wear ‘Jubah’ with ‘tudung labuh’ (kinda big-wide scarf covering the whole upper part of their body on top of their cloths). Well, even if I took pictures of them, it wouldn’t change anything too would it?

Around 30min over there, the gathering is to disassemble and we’re all headed back to school. Starting 9a.m until 12pm then I haven’t rest even abit. Haha, helping with the cooking (kawah) and continued with helping to sort out the pupils food n drinks, the activities only stop at 12pm where all the pupils got their food and drinks. I felt so relieved that I drank quite alot of cold red syrup which is too sweet. Is it that my tongue is weird or it is really just plain sweet? Well, nvm that anyway because it all went well for today. Its been great to spend some time with students and teachers like this. Not only that it strengthen our bond, It also make know better about other teachers and how to adapt myself into a new community.

Well then, until next time.

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